72nd Birthday Party


Our 72nd Birthday Party August 15, 2015 at Nardos! Twenty-six classmates and significant others made for an intimate group reminiscing in the nostalgic atmosphere of Nardones’ home. From Sally Jo’s spaghetti to Scott McIlrath’s peaches from his Yakima farm, the food added to the festive atmosphere. The irrepressible Jim Rettig hosted a short program that included humorous jokes causing good belly laughs and some groans too (where does he get those stories?).

As a thank you, Ron and Sally Jo were presented with two bottles of 12th Man wine and Ron will have his own designated room in the new McMenamin's Anderson School Hotel, which opens this coming October.

Thank you again Ron and Sally Jo for hosting this event!

Memory Books from the 50th Reunion are still available for $30. Everyone who has entered a profile on our website has been included so even if you did not attend, you will want your own copy. Order here online.

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