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Rhoda Bensussen

Profile Updated: September 12, 2010
Rhoda Bensussen
Residing in:
Kirkland, WA USA
Life's work after BHS:
Children & grandchildren (names/ages):
Yes! Attending Reunion
Who did you have a crush on while attending Bothell High School? Why? Did you ever date him/her?


Other than high school crushes, who were your best friends? What did you do together?

I loved everyone there-

Did you marry your high school sweetheart?


Have you been married more than once?

I give up

Have you ever been self-employed?


If answer is YES above, what is/was the name of your company? What is/was your title? Where is/was it located? Nature of business?

Mary Kay cosmetic's -make-up

Current & past (Career / Retired / Volunteer) status. Tell us name of company or organization and where:

retired-comapny went bankrupt-now will retuern to work-

Which school(s) did you attend K-12?

UW Nancy Taylor Modeling- technical college

How many Class of 1961 reunions have you attended?

None/never attended (list reason(s)) working

Other types of reunions I've attended/organized? (groups of 20 or more people)


A special teacher:

They were all special at that time-

What were you in high school?

Singer/band member
Behind the scenes

Of which clubs and committees were you a member?

Not many I can think of-Band?

Did you attend junior/community college, a four-year college or university?


What is your greatest passion for the rest of your life?

Travel--mode of transportation & where to? all over



If you currently live more than 25 miles from Bothell, what year did you leave?


List places you have visited. Anything unusual in the way of activities? Any special feats or accomplishments that might be found in your own "Who's Who" if it were published?

Vancouver B.C.-love Las Vegas-worked alot did not have much time to travel

Any time in your life, where is the SINGLE furthest place away from Bothell you have lived for six months or more?

Portland, Oregon

Any state where you have spent seven or more consecutive nights:


Have you ever been on TV or radio? Where? When (elaborate please)?

Yes, I worked for Pat O Day for Sear's clothing years ago-King radio and KJR in advertising dept

Any newspaper or magazine articles you have had published or that have been written/published about you? Any books you have written/published?