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Welcome Class of 1961


New Design implemented. The prior options to change your profile are now in the UPPER RIGHT corner. A compact menu with all those and more is available. Click the Icons to see the prior options there. This works much better on mobile devices. On mobile devices, the left menu is also in the UPPER right corner.  Gives a lot more viewable space on small screens.

Sign In change: Click on upper right man icon or on the right side.

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All pages have been revised to make them work better on mobile devices and the FB (Class Connection) view now fits on the page. Most pages should adapt automatically to a device's screen size. [A few need some more picture adjustments.]

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If you have any past School or Event Pictures, please Contact Us for how to send them to us. Our new display tools preserve the quality and support much larger images than before. Please do not resize them. We will credit you for all pictures contributed!

Your Reunion Committee is glad you are here! We want this website to be  a great meeting place for all of our classmates. Discover information about upcoming events, share and reminisce and catch up with friends from not so long ago!

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Please take a few moments to create a login by clicking on Cougar Profiles found on the menu bar to the left. Find your name on the list and create your profile. Fill in as much detail as you wish. 

 Post snapshots of your family, favorite vacations or even that old car (or airplane) you're restoring on weekends using Upload Photos.

The How To Join & More page contains tips on using this site.  The overview is for both experienced and new computer users.

Please scan the list of Missing Classmates to see if there is someone you can help us find. If you know their email address, use the Missing Classmates box on the right to send them an invitation or you can send contact information to Fred Konker (email on the Reunion Committee page).  

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 Thanks for Visiting!

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